When Does Hypochondria Start?


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People naturally get sick. They sometimes catch diseases, infections, or just plain feel under the weather. There can be a number of possible causes to justify what people feel; viruses, germs, bacteria, chemical imbalances, all of these and more can be the cause of why people get sick. This is why it is only natural for people to feel anxiety when faced with the thought of getting sick. But if the person is too caught up in the thoughts of possibly getting sick, enough that even the slightest feeling is believed to signal something life-threatening, is an illness in itself.

Hypochondria is a mental disturbance that is characterized by excessive worrying that there might be a possibility of getting sick, or even believing that they are already sick. This leads to the hypochondriac  to consulting multiple doctors, trying to find a way to “cure” their imagined illness. Their behaviour stem from their belief that the hypochondriac already has an illness because he believes that even the slightest of symptoms can mean something very, very grave. They may consult with different doctors but they will find it acceptable when the examination shows that there is absolutely nothing wrong with them, they will continue to go to different doctors hoping that at least one of them will confirm that they really do have a disease and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

It starts when a person develops a high sensitivity to everything that happens in the body. Hypochondriacs will start feeling extreme pain in some areas, when in actuality there is none. They will be focused too much on their bodies that it almost borders obsession.

This excessive obsession about their imaginary ailments can bring about a number of very real problems for the hypochondriac. Relationships will be greatly strained especially if the hypochondriac believes that everyone around him is a potential carrier of diseases that he can possibly get, this is why most hypochondriacs are also agoraphobics (agoraphobia is the fear of crowds). Sufferers also find it extremely difficult to attend any social function of any kind because they are increasingly unwilling to engage in physical contact and most of the time exhibit extreme bouts of anxiety in the prospect of close interaction with another person.

Many hypochondriacs also develop an inability to accept the fact that there is absolutely nothing wrong with them, that they are actually healthy. Even being reassured by numerous medical professionals is not enough for them to believe otherwise.

In constant fear that they do have a medical ailment, hypochondriacs go from doctor to doctor trying to find one that can find something wrong with them. And then there are others that are extremely afraid to go to doctors in fear that they WOULD find something wrong, thus they avoid doctors altogether.

Most hypochondriacs can find relief when a doctor prescribes them with placebos, due to the fact that their “illnesses” are all in their heads the solution therefore is to cure them from within their head too.

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